Update as of APRIL 2016

After much delay I want to update this blog to where I am today. Most of this time has been waiting, calculating and fitting small parts.

  1. Have received the “Big/Heavy” bolt weight from Lage and it is perfect! I was afraid that even this weight would be too light and I would have to add Tungsten Slugs to the bolt weight to get to the 3+ pounds I felt was safe for the bolt mass.  The Masterpiece Arms Semi-Auto bolt alone weights 1 lbs 12.3 ounces (or 802 grams). With the addition of the Big/Heavy, it entire unit comes in at a massive 3 pounds 2.3 ounces or 1425 grams! So now I need to take the bolt and the Bolt Weight to a machine shop along with grade 8 cap screws about 1/2 long and have the bolt drilled for the weight. I was thinking of having the weight ‘nocked for clearance so the extractor pin could be accessed without removing the bolt weight, but its seems so small a thing to unscrew two bolts and remove the weight to get to it anyway.
  2. Though I have fitted the Lage Upper with the Leatherwood CMR scope and it fits nicely, I am replacing it with a Lucid 4X Battle Sight, as the Night Vision is a necessity. The CMR will go on the AR-version as a comparison.
  3. Keepshooting has the market cornered on inexpensive Grease Gun Magazines. While I have 5 so far, I will keep waiting till they come in from back order.
  4. The only thing I am waiting on is barrels, which the suppliers assures me he will have in my hands before my Birthday (April 12th). I ordered two and will use one for Chronograph testing and the other for porting and testing of the Suppressor.
  5. The big question has been on everyone mind, am I going to build these, along with the other crazy ideas in weapons I have and the answer is YES. Frankly it is too much a pain in the butt for everyone to try to talk with the various manufacturers about their products to get the one off “hobby” weapon like this by trying to cobble it all together yourself. Most of you can do it, I am sure, but there will be the disappointed person out there who just doesn’t order the right thing or some part doesn’t fit right and will get dejected. Probably the best thing to do it to apply for my FFL and assemble them from Masterpiece Arms frames. I will sell them without sights, lights or vertical foregrips, but I will include a list of recommended accessories. On Monday April 11th) I will post pics and continue this update.

General Info

Big/Heavy bolt weight: 1lb 6.1 oz or 626 grams

Semi Bolt: 1lb 12.4 oz or 804 grams

Basic Mac-10 Chassis (receiver) and Lage upper: 4lbs 12.4 oz

So I am getting 7lbs 15oz total without barrel, with the weight bias on center rear. The barrel should bring the weight directly over the rear grip (ammo supply) as I wanted. Even fully loaded with lights/lasers/grips/whatever the balance should be better than the AR-15 even if the weight is even. For those running their weapon “slick” I would not expect that the weapon would exceed 8.5 lbs and again with serious balance improvement over the AR and we have not even discussed weight reduction of the non-essentials! With the barrel ported or with a fake suppressor or with a real suppressor the weight/barrel bounce will not change.

Still, the barrels need to arrive!